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Honouring the ancient and sacred Ragas

melodic arrangements that colour the mind of the listener with Emotion.

"The sounds of Iqbal's  voice and melodies bring a generative,  uplifting sense of peace"



"Iqbal's music allows me to center myself with grace.  His voice is soothing,  I pace my breathing  and the
overtones result in extraordinary creativity for me!"

Joyanna Anthony
Success  Diva



"I listen to Iqbal's  music over and over.  Its beauty is deeply 


"Iqbal's creations of music evoke images of the serene exotic that
 transports one to a place unknown. His music is a
wonderful fusion of
rythums and cultures; just lovely."

Karimah Es Sabar



Iqbal agreed to volunteer at our  hospital in-patient unit for adolescents with mental health issues.

His music was very well received by all patients and staff. Every one spoke highly and felt greatly effected by the beauty and heart felt  love  in his   melodic  voice. 

We would always welcome his presence and music to the Children' Hospital. With many thanks and regards

wieslawa kastelik P2  social worker 
604 708 5681  




Photo Credit Daniel Pi, North Shore Outlook  

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Single 'Healing Release' Downloads:

Anger Release
6 minutes 49 seconds
$1.97 CDN (Download)

Anxiety / Worry Release
10 min 17sec
$1.97 CDN (Download)

De-Stressing for Working People
6min 54 sec
$1.97 CDN (Download)

Gathering Energy/Grounding Yourself
7 min 44 sec
$1.97 CDN (Download)

Road Rage Quick Healing
2min 36 sec
$1.97 CDN (Download)

Just take a Moment, Sing & Smile
3min 13 sec
$1.97 CDN (Download)

Stress Release
8min 13 sec
$1.97 CDN (Download)

"Focus" Music CD
 with Guidance at the Beginning

$9.97 CDN (Download)

Focus in 9 minutes - good for regrouping your energy when you are feeling tired. The binaural tones awaken the body no matter what you are doing.
9 min 07 sec.

Full Albums - hardcopy or download

"Inner Smile Qi" Music CD
  for Chi Gong, Yoga, Massage and Meditation  

$19.95 CDN (Hardcopy)

$9.97 CDN (Digital Download)

Instrumental with a short awareness guide at the beginnin. Inner Smile Qi is instrumental music for total relaxing your body, mind & spirit. Good for taking 'ME Time' to meditate, massage, bathe & breath, to re-tank, & just let go. Warning this CD may totally relax you. 1hour 04 min 04 sec. ©IQbal/Socan

"Sound Journey" Music CD
  for Balancing Natural Energy Patterns

$19.95 CDN (Hardcopy)

$9.97 CDN (Digital download)

Vocals & Guitar plus world instruments, World relax music with calming vocals, great for when you are driving or had a hard day and just want to gently heal yourself & let go. Helps calm & balance natural energy patterns for heart, body & soul. 45min 43 sec. ©IQbal/Socan

"Sleep Well Journey" Music CD
  for Restoring Natural Sleep Patterns

$19.95 CDN (Hardcopy)

$9.97 CDN (Digital Download)

Instrumental music plus a short guided breathing exercise at the beginning used for restoring natural sleep patterns and deeply calming your soul with gentle binaural tones. Warning this CD may put you to sleep. 1 hour 58 sec. ©IQbal/Socan

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