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Honouring the ancient and sacred Ragas

melodic arrangements that colour the mind of the listener with Emotion.

Thank you so much for your presence and your gift of song and music during the celebration. 

Your words were beautiful and I really did feel truly loved that day.  That depth of reception and open heart are healing and will truly support
my intention that this new decade is dedicated to Open Heart and Contribution.

Also much gratitude for the 2 CD's you gifted me, I will cherish the meaning
and depth of each song.

Until we meet again be well and happy,
love Linda



Program Two, part 1- current projects and music

Program Two, part 2 - new single "Just Smile"

For Iqbal M. Ishani music is the synergy between his personal aesthetic and the special magic of mantras and meditation and world music.

The essence of his distinctive sound is relaxing and heart warming. We welcome you to commune in the harmonious and healing world of balancing rhythms that he has created.

"Colour" Music Video
filmed and produced by Iqbal

Iqbal is a talented musician who performs and records with acoustic guitar, steel string guitar and flamenco guitar. In addition he adds prana flute (played only with the mouth) and ritual drums (an African python skin drum and a goat skin drum).

His vocals are melodic and soothing. He sings in six languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Gujarati, Swahili and Sanskrit. He records with additional players on his CD's adding piano and various healing flutes.

Iqbal's music is based on "Ragas". Musically, ragas are melodic arrangements which are ancient and sacred.The haunting melodies and the microtonal intervalic logic are regarded as the "color of the mind" being the result of tonal arrangements ruled by cosmological and aesthetic laws related with dimensions of light (night & day).

Iqbal's motivation in creating music is to help people relax and reduce the stress in their lives. He feels that music is a form of energy capable of healing our very cells. Healing music produces a chemical response in the brain that affects how you are feeling, resulting in more relaxation and less chronic stress.

Purchase these CD's at Iqbal's Online Store!

  Flowing Abundance


"Flowing Abundance"
for Activating Yourself
Gently when Tired

Original Music CD's by Iqbal Ishani
(click to listen)


Inner Smile Qi
for Chi Gong, Yoga, Massage, Meditation

Sound Journey

"Sound Journey"
for Balancing Natural Energy Patterns

Perfect Health

"Perfect Health"
Healing Music

Sleep Well Journey

"Sleep Well Journey"
for Restoring Natural Sleep Patterns

Just Smile Single
demo purchase


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