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Honouring the ancient and sacred Ragas

melodic arrangements that colour the mind of the listener with Emotion.

"One good thing about music, when it hits, you
feel no pain".

Bob Marley


Photo Credit Daniel Pi, North Shore Outlook   


Quantum Radio Interview
Original Air Date:
5/12/2009 4:00 PM

The Healing Sounds of Iqbal   (listen here)

Iqbal M. Ishani joins Frankie this week on Quantum Radio. Iqbal is a multi talented musician/songwriter who performs and records with acoustic guitar, steel string guitar and flamenco guitar. He is also a Eurpean trained film and sound technician whose music is based on ancient Ragas, a spiritual and soothing sound, designed to help destress from todays world. Iqbal has been teaching Chi Gong for 20 plus years and has several DVD's out that will teach you the 12 movements used for flexibility in the joints, back, shoulders, knees and hands.

Inner Smile Qi Gong strengthens your body, re-balances your energy and brings you back to a natural state of being that, through the breath, allows you to let go of any stress, anger or anxiety and come to an inner state of peace and stillness.

View the Flyer or call 778.280.3838.

I Bal ance ®
Positive / Negative Stress Classes
taught by wellness expert, Iqbal Ishani. He will introduce you to a 5000 year old system of wellness and health management.

View the flyer or call   (778) 280-3838. Manage your stress and be more energized.

An Evening With Mantek Chia - A highlight of 2007 for Iqbal was being asked to contribute his healing sounds to a workshop called "DNA & Immune System Chi Kung" with world renowned Taoist Chi Kung Master Mantek Chia. Website.

Just Dance Ethnicity - Ethnicity is a flavor of Just Dance that brings all the joys and vibrancy of World Music with a lighter sound and rhythm. DJ Abheeru creates the musical tapestry of these Ethnicity evenings with new rhythms and Iqbal Ishani shares with us his inspirational songs.

Glass Onion Tribute - Iqbal lived on Salt Spring Island when first arriving to Canada, and this community nurtured his professional music career. In honour of his great friends there, he created an album called "Soulspring Island" and he still plays the Glass Onion whenever he returns to his special island.

Qi Gong Workshops - Iqbal leads two Qi Gong workshops. The first is called "Taiji-Qigong" in which he teaches participants the 18 movements for the body and mind. The second is called "The 12 IQ's" in which he teaches the 12 movements used for flexibility in the joints, back, shoulders, knees and hands. Next workshop TBA. Private consultations available.

Custom DVD's - Iqbal is now putting his 27 years in the film industry to good use. He is making custom music videos and promotional DVD's for clients. His company, IMI Musik and Film Produktions will handle every aspect of a video project from concept to post production.

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