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Iqbal's CD "Sleepwell"

a drug-free sleepaid
that works as recommended by End the Pain Project.

Honouring the ancient and sacred Ragas

melodic arrangements that colour the mind of the listener with Emotion.

Iqbal Ishani presented Chi Gong Movements and Stress Management for The Canadian Mental Health Association, North -West Vancouver Branch on May 28, 2008.  

Iqbal is an excellent teacher of Chi Gong, bringing his experience from the monks he studied with and the techniques of chi gong.  He successfully engaged 40 people, all beginners in the teaching of accupressure points and the basic chi gong movements  to improve health and wellness. 

The evening ended with the soothing, heart felt guitar and music of which Iqbal wrote.  The evening did achieve it's goal which was to provide an opportunity to relax and feel like what it would be like to be able to realize this state of relaxation on your own. 

Keltie Bassett
Program Coordinator
Canadian Mental Health Association



Ongoing - Spiritual Circle Heart Opening

Fang Song Gong strengthens your body, re-balances your energy and brings you back to a natural state of being that, through the breath, allows you to let go of any stress, anger or anxiety and come to an inner state of peace and stillness.

View the Flyer or call 778.280.3838. The courses and workshop are for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Location: Unity Church,Sonic Temple and other Facilities
Cost of workshop: $280 per weekend
6 week course: $88, starting November 2009

SPIRITUAL CIRCLE HEART OPENING, March 17th and ongoing fridays 7-9pm ~ Holding space Linda Duarte & Iqbal Ishani. An evening full of nurturing heart, soul and body; finger food and tea served for $20

Iqbal will be presenting 5000 year old heart opening exercises from Chi Gong and his new heart song in the french language for everyone to be in~joy. Please come and become the community of Spirit Circle Fun.

Flyer here, Bookings contact

Ongoing - End the Pain Project Partnership

End the Pain Project partners with Iqbal Ishani's CD "SLEEPWELL" to
to bring low cost, non-invasive phantom limb pain reduction intervention to rural villages of countries affected by landmines and war. The project aims to reduce or eliminate debilitating phantom limb pain, restoring amputees in developing countries (initially working in Bosnia, Laos and Vietnam) to more productive living.

May 28, WEDNESDAY AT 7:00pm
Health Lecture Series 2008
Canadian Mental Health Association

Join Iqbal's lecture, "STRESS MANAGEMENT"

We live in a stressful world, only recently has western medical research come to recognize that stress is the root cause of most health problems. In this workshop you will receive a few examples from a 5000 year old system which is still used today to keep our bodies supple, gives us a longer life and ward off stress. We will experience sensing the body, do some Chi Gong movements, focus on breathing while listening to live music from Spain, Africa and Canada and then sense the change in our bodies.

LOCATION : SECOND FLOOR OF THE JOHN BRAITHWAITE CENTRE 145 West 1st Street , North Vancouver , BC (between Chesterfield and Lonsdale Avenues)

604- 987-6959 or visit ADMISSION BY DONATION

Ongoing Event: - temporarily suspended

I Bal ance ® Positive / Negative Stress Classes
Fridays @ 5.30 pm North Vancouver,
     North Shore Spiritual Centre 102-88 Lonsdale Avenue
Tuesdays @ 5.30 pm Downtown,
     Scotiabank Dance Centre 677 Davie Street

Description: Classes taught by wellness expert, Iqbal Ishani. He will introduce you to a 5000 year old system of wellness and health management. RELEASE TENSION IN ONLY ONE HOUR!

It's easy, it's healthy and it's fun. First Class: FREE Introductory Session. View the flyer or call   (778) 280-3838.

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