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Iqbal's CD "Sound Journey" as featured on CBC radio


Honouring the ancient and sacred Ragas

melodic arrangements that colour the mind of the listener with Emotion.


Iqbal's CD "Sleepwell"

a drug-free sleepaid
that works!


Iqbal M. Ishani, born in Kenya, East Africa to Indian parents and later studying in Europe, grew up with an ear for sound. His life experiences have brought him into contact with a myriad of different cultures.

His innate curiosity motivated him to learn six languages and to further hone his acoustic artistry by exploring ethnic spiritual and ceremonial music.

Please enjoy Iqbal's East Africa and Kenya Storytelling Videos Blog
Learn Healing Practices, Traditions, Culture, Joy and Challenges

Iqbal on CBC's "North by Northwest" program with Sheryl MacKay

Program One - early life in Kenya and Spain - Program Two

For 24 years as a sound,Lighting and Video technician in the documentary and film industry, Iqbal enhanced both his technical mastery of sound and Visual capture and production.

Recently, he decided to combine his three great passions: Videoing, Healing Music and Healing Qi gong.

The essence of his distinctive sound is relaxing and uplifting. Iqbal welcomes you to commune in the harmonious world of balancing rhythms that he has created.


Family Stories
filmed and produced by Iqbal

Introducing "Inner Smile Qi" - music specifically toned and designed for massage, relaxation, yoga, chi gong and meditation.

Musician, filmmaker and Qi Gong master Iqbal Ishani creates healing music that penetrate to both the conscious and subconscious levels.  In this CD the music has been specifically designed to tone on both levels simultaneously.

Running time 01:04:11 (one hour four minutes) Listen Purchase


NEW - Inner Smile Qi Gong - for fun & fitness

NEW - NoStress Qi Gong YouTube Video

NEW - "Just Smile" Single demo    purchase

"My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary".

Martin Luther

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